The most simple inventory solution for Unity

- by More Mountains -

The Inventory Engine is a simple yet flexible inventory solution for Unity, available on the Unity Asset Store. Minimal by design, it gives you all you need to create inventories, items, display them, and plug them into your game. Also included in the Corgi Engine, the best platformer asset for Unity, as well as in the TopDown Engine, it's a proven and battle tested solution that just gets the job done.


Will there be updates? Will they be free?

Yes, updates are released very regularly.
All Inventory Engine updates have always been free, and always will be.

Legal restrictions

You can't redistribute the code or any of the content of the asset. The names Inventory Engine, More Mountains and Reuno Corp are copyrighted. Apart from that, feel free to use all code and visual assets included in the asset in your games, including commercial ones.